Fund Raising from Private Markets

  • Advice on funding strategy
  • Appropriate capital structure and restructuring advisory
  • Preparation of information memo
  • Preparation of financial model & advice on valuation
  • Identify and approach right set of investors
  • Negotiation with investors and deal closure

Buy Side Services (M&A Advisory)

  • Build v/s buy analysis
  • Acquisition target search
  • Bid tactics and strategy
  • Valuation of the target
  • Negotiation with targets and sell side bankers
  • Facilitate documentation and closure

Strategic Advice

  • Competitor/ peer group analysis
  • Structured finance advisory
  • Market trends and developments
  • Joint venture advisory / exit strategies
  • Valuation / assistance in preparation of business model
  • Advice on Credit rating, IPO grading

Sell Side Services (M&A Advisory)

  • Advise on transaction structure and objectives
  • Information Memo/ valuation model preparation
  • Negotiation with bidders / recommendation to the board
  • Facilitate documentation and closure
  • Advice on sell side process
  • Buyer universe identification and approach
  • Bilateral / Auction strategy
  • Timing strategy
  • Data room preparation

Fund Raising from Public Markets

  • Overall advice on funding strategy to the board
  • Preparation of info memo/ corporate presentation
  • Advice on Credit rating, IPO grading
  • Preparation of financial model & advice on valuation
  • Identify & approach right set of investors and negotiations with anchor investors
  • Pricing and timing strategy
  • Assistance in regulatory / Stock exchange interface
  • Assistance in marketing road-show planning
  • Selection of global bankers & co-ordination for DRHP preparation
  • Lawyer selection & coordination on key regulatory aspects



Services designed by microscopic precision render macroscopic results.